rules of dice games

G-001 Racing Horses dice wooden game instructions

Horse Racing Game Instructions Wooden Game Dice Game Horse Racing, a popular dice game for kids. 2 players try by dice to bring the horses in the goal. But how? On the racetrack the horses can run into the ditch and are lost .....

Tock Tock Game game instructions for 4 player G-008-S

Tock, Tac, Dog Game or Dog Game made of wood Game situation for game rules Game Instructions Brändi DogTock Tock  game is played by 2 to 6 persons, who play in teams against each other. Always 2 players form a team, sit diagonally opposite and play together ...

Pig Hole Schweinchenspiel, Big Hole the pig dice game play instructions for G-024-1

Pig Hole Schweinchenspiel the pig dice game with 60 cute pigs for whole family to play in woodPig Hole Schweinchenspiel, the most popular dice game by with cute and funny pigs. the pig dice game play up to 6 players and they try to get rid of the pigs by rolling the dice. But how? Constantly you get new pigs even you dont want  ... when i get a 6 and lose a pig ?