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We are here for you on the Internet with our own Schop and all instructions for our puzzle of Samanea wood and game rules for our games of the same wood which is also called Monkey Pod. In the new Knobelshop with new games and new puzzle from Samanea wood, also known as Rain Tree. We have for you developed games like Ajongoo up to the popular pig play of Knobelholz.de and many already existing strategy games like Kalaha or the popular stone play in our production. Everything now even clearer in even more categories. High-quality wooden puzzles, wood-burning sporting activities and wooden games for the whole family. We also produce 3D and 2D puzzles from wood, puzzles, dice games in wood and strategy games as wooden versions. Mechanical and tricky wooden puzzles in many styles and designs, all are handmade from natural Samanea wood. Games and wooden puzzle by Knobelholz.de are a great gift idea for adults and children of all ages. We have our beautiful handmade wooden products online in our online shop, which is being designed. The large variety of our handmade wooden products make every heart of a puzzle-fan high and beat faster! Choose from over 400 items, games and puzzles in new categories:

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Wooden puzzles and wooden games are combined with the mastery of the craftsmanship of clean, sophisticated styling with the elegance of the Monkey Pod wood or Saman .. We have over 20 years of experience and hold since our belief in the extraordinary craftsmanship, Timeless designs and tailor-made work. We can proudly point out the creative ambitions of our craftsmen and show our commitment to excellence and quality as well as our creativity for development. We produce with Samanea wood, another name is rain tree wood, Kayu, Suwar (or Suar), a form of mahogany, which has a much higher quality to produce wooden games and especially millimeter-precise puzzles. Here you will find all the products, we can order more than 400 wooden games and wooden jigsaw puzzles of the highest quality and design, wholesale for your company or even retail for you as a fan of our games and puzzles. Our site is now 128 bit SSL encrypted and we have added further payment possibilities, which are more secure by the encryption as well as the data exchange. Choose whether you want to pay with PayPal or pay by direct debit or credit card. Or rather uninsured with prepayment or cash on delivery. Orders are possible from an order value of 20,00 € and from an order of 50,00 €, in Germany free shipping.

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Wooden puzzles and also wooden games are always a special gift with a demand and noble design, which are very popular and challenge a creative spirit. We are one of the most popular manufacturers for these wooden puzzles and wooden games, which we handmade and natural processed for you, which are difficult to find elsewhere. With more than 400 different wooden puzzles and wooden games, we are wide-ranging and offer a wide range of popular and, above all, many new puzzles and games, as well as games and puzzles made of wood. Convince yourself and look into our products made of wood and decide which of you are the most suitable to try these out. We offer our wooden games and wooden puzzles in the retail trade, so directly to the customers, but especially in the wholesale, for resale directly from the factory, from our own production. We have a new picture gallery and with videos some new extras and have set up all the solutions for the wooden puzzles, as well as instructions for the games of wood, for you. A community will bring you closer to fans and friends of Knobelholz.de and allow the exchange of the users with each other so that if you do not have your puzzle you should not have to let your Eucgh have to be treated and the solution but possibly even budding. With a 30 day return guarantee and the encryption since your in our shop safely on the road.

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